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This Week’s eCommerce Tips, News & Insights

Brooke Seldin • July 8, 2016

What made the rounds at our offices this week? Here are the eCommerce tips, news, and insights that have been on our radar:

1. Is the approach to big data stupid, too costly, and just plain wrong?

2. Organizational change is critical, yet a major challenge, for retailers that want to keep up with digital engagement.

3. How server status codes affect your website’s SEO.

4. Major eCommerce retailers want a piece of Amazon Prime Day’s traffic and sales. Here’s how they’ll do it.

5. Why one CMO transformed a marketing department into “centers of competence” (and how he did it).

6. Mobile ad engagement plays by different rules. Are you following or breaking them?

7. Google’s Now on Tap feature translates text on any app, screen, or website.

8. Everything you need to get your YouTube channel started.

9. Is your content designed to accomplish something? If not, your content isn’t intelligent.

10. How business process management (BPM) technology helps digital organizations improve momentum and agility.

Brooke Seldin is a marketing content specialist in LYONSCG’s Chicago office. She is a writer, an editor, and a content strategist who specializes in eCommerce, technology, and digital marketing for B2C and B2B organizations. She can be reached at

Brooke Seldin

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