Platform Training

maximize your ecommerce potential on demandware or magento

Lyons Consulting Group offers complete, in-depth platform training designed for anyone looking to maximize your ecommerce business potential on either Demandware or Magento. Our training program provides you with accurate and usable information so you can easily update, manage and edit your site, and ultimately be more successful when selling online.

With lyonscg's training offerings, you may choose from hands-on instruction across fundamental knowledge areas or remote training options, customized to your needs. Resource materials include a library of quick guides and functional user booklets, complete with step-by-step instructions, print screens, and a laundry list of tips and tricks, adding value to your training experience. Our training methodology emphasizes role-based learning empowering your staff to acquire skills ensuring job effectiveness.

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realize more with lyonscg training

  • Hands-On Instruction - sessions are taught by an in-person instructor making course content more valuable and effective, and making sure all attendees get the most out of their experience
  • Documentation - all attendees receive supplemental quick guides and functional user booklets complete with step-by-step instructions, print screens, and best practices tips and tricks
  • Reputable Source - attendees can feel safe knowing they are learning from a reputable, knowledgeable and dedicated team of resources
  • Flexibility - we offer both public and privately-held courses that can be adapted to your specific training needs

session topics include

  • Introduction to either Demandware or Magento
  • Web Store and Catalog Creation
  • Content Management
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Preparing to Sell
  • Customer Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Analytics and Reporting