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The Demandware ecommerce platform lets you focus on what you do best: selling online. You get industry-leading merchandising capabilities and complete control over your site, without the burden and risk of managing the hardware, database, network and on-going maintenance required to run a best-in-class ecommerce application. lyonscg builds on the Demandware platform, integrating your backend systems, extending Demandware's functionality and customizing to meet your needs.

As a Demandware preferred partner, we have helped some of the world's leading online retailers (Pac Sun, South Moon Under, Vineyard Vines) migrate to Demandware and we are able to get your ecommerce site up and running quickly on this robust, enterprise-class platform. lyonscg is one of the few partners that Demandware has entrusted to resell its software directly because of our deep experience and our large volume of successful implementations.  To date, lyonscg has delivered the most Demandware sites in North America besides Demandware itself.

"Lyons Consulting Group has been fantastic to work with and has proven to be an extremely reliable, experienced, and customer-focused partner.  Nothing is more important to Demandware than our customer’s success, and Lyons shares that passion."

- Tom Griffin, VP of Business Development, Demandware


What demandware has to say

Jamus Driscoll, SVP Marketing at Demandware, discusses the strong relationship lyonscg has built with Demandware and with clients.

Why choose the lyonscg+demandware solution?

  • Unbeatable Experience - lyonscg has delivered the most Demandware sites in North America besides Demandware itself
  • Shared Passion - lyonscg and Demandware have the same customer focused philosophy: nothing is more important than client success
  • Stability + Scalability - clients are assured to receive a reliable, on-demand solution that scales to meet seasonal traffic peaks and improves the customer shopping experience
  • One-Stop Solution - lyonscg is one of the few solution providers that is able to directly deliver a turnkey enterprise-level ecommerce website on the Demandware platform

key features of Demandware:

  • Multi-Site Administration
  • Customizable Design/Promotion Templates
  • Promotional & Multi-Tier Pricing
  • Persistent Cart
  • Wish Lists
  • One-Page Checkout
  • Product Reviews